Pre-College Programs and Programs for Teachers

The School of Engineering is engaged in a variety of programs to encourage interest and participation in science, technology, engineering, and math. These activities are designed for students ranging from the very youngest learners to those preparing to enter college.

K-13 Outreach & Middle School Programs

High School
Research Internships

Experience for Teachers

Smart Lighting Research Camp
Mentored Research Internships for high school students
Researcher at the Center for High Technology Materials

From classroom visits to summer camps, activities include learning how LEDs not only save electricity, but can improve human health and productivity.

High school students can participate in Mentored Research Internships during the academic year for credit and as paid positions during the summer.

Teachers participating in research experiences at UNM during the summer can translate those experiences into classroom lesson plans aligned with local, state, and national learning standards.



For more information, contact Stefi Weisburd, Internship Coordinator, at

Phone: (505).272-7971 or ( 505) 277-5062.